THE MAGIC RING by Nota Lohnes Frazier


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Set in Michigan at the turn of the century, this is the story of ten-year-old Becky's encounter with a very substantial fairy. Intensely devoted to her Uncle Ned, Becky wishes that he would return to the family from his exile to Alaska. Conspiring with a beautiful girl, who gives her a magic ring, she wishes him back. When the fairy turns out to be Uncle Ned's sweetheart with whom he has had a misunderstanding, Becky is irate, but love turns out to be the most potent magic and through the young couple's devotion to each other, all of Becky's wishes ultimately come true. A charming story which flirts discreetly with fantasy and contains within it much charming detail of life in rural America at the start of the nineteen hundreds.

Pub Date: Aug. 19th, 1959
Publisher: Longmans, Green