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FARELLAS, THE LEGEND OF A GIANT by Núria Corbera i Padró


by Núria Corbera i Padró & illustrated by Núria Corbera i Padró & developed by Jordi Martín i Forns

Pub Date: April 6th, 2013
Publisher: Jordi Martín i Forns

Though easy on the eyes and fun to tap, this simple tale of a good giant who fights a bad one could really use both a better translation and a more developed storyline.

At the urging of a passing lad, a kindly Catalan giant known as Strong Farell, or Farellas, sets out to free Barcelona from a mean giant. Rather than leave peaceably, said meanie demands that Farellas “fight against me to kick me out of the city.” After a quick feast “to recover strenght [sic],” Farellas tosses his adversary up into the sky so that he “flew over the roofs of Barcelona and got lost far away the sea horizon,” then strolls home past cheering crowds. Taps on the brightly colored, multitextured cartoon collages trigger mild, pleasing interactions. Night changes to day, roosters crow, small animals pop out of hiding, and the smiling, flannel-shirted giant traverses woods and city streets. These and other animations play out as rather loud strains of background music sound and, at times, clash. The unnarrated text can be read in English, Spanish or the original print version’s Catalan.

Language issues aside, more a story outline than a finished work, but there’s something sweetly appealing about Farellas for all that.

(jigsaw puzzle) (iPad storybook app. 6-8)