ACTION IN THE EAST by O. D. Gallagher
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Absorbing first hand recording, which is good reporting and good reading, in a story of Singapore and Burma, a saddening, maddening record of official indifference and individual heroism. Alert, outspoken, ungloved, Gallagher scores the civil servants whose narrowsighted neglect doomed the two outposts. He praises the men who defended them against odds. First in Singapore, as pre-war latitude and laissez faire continued through the opening days of the war. Gallagher was -- journalistically speaking -- in luck with a ""scoop"" as one of two reporters to go down with the Repulse --and live to tell it. Next, on to Rangoon, that dismal chapter when the collapse of the civil government and the population completely bogged down the supplies and ammunition for the tiny scratch army which was defending it with ""magnificent, unforgettable courage"". Tribute paid, too, to the Flying Tigers, those fabulous American mercenary pilots with a batting average of ten to one. Finally, the fall of Burma, as the Chinese army moved down too late, their aid having been rejected earlier. This deserves to have a good chance!

Pub Date: Aug. 21st, 1942
ISBN: 0548438390
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran