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What most Catholics see is a lamentably incomplete picture of the Church. It is no wonder then that the bigots and even the sympathetically inclined have the views they do. Father Norris here attempts to demonstrate for all concerned that the Church is a mystery in which God Himself invites men to enter into ""unheard -of intimacy with Him"". This biblical enthusiast shows that the Church on earth even when seen in its fullness is not the whole picture but only a part of a total divine plan for man's salvation. Skillfully, Father Norris develops the theme that from before the foundation of the world, a holy and worshipping people led by Jesus Christ existed in the mind of God. Using sacred history, as found in the pages of the Old and New Testaments, Father Norris interweaves his presentation with selections which lead a core beauty of the subject itself to his documentation. The selections simplify the viewing for the Christian of the gradual unfolding of this divine plan, culminating and continuing in the Church as we know it today. God's Own People succeeds in underlining the essential truths to be appreciated if an initial understanding of the mystery of the Church is to be achieved.

Publisher: Helicon