THE PHOTO ALBUM OF ST. THERESE OF LISIEUX by OCD (Commentary) Rohr, Francois de Sainte Marie


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A biography in pictures of one of the most popular of modern-day canonized Saints, viewed in historical perspective, in what Father Francois De Sainte Marie, O.C.D., offers in this photo album of the great St. Therese of Lisieux. Canonized in a mere twenty eight years after her death, the acclaim from the world created a hurricane of demands for information and pictures. The stream which followed, first original and only slightly retouched, eventually became heavily doctored. Paintings and charcoal drawings, originally composed chiefly by her Sister Celine (also a member of the Carmelite Order), made the Saint rosy-checked and vacant looking -- a deception of the real personality of St. Therese. Now Carmel has released the original photographs which had been (also by her own sister) taken within the cloistered walls of the convent on various occasions. They are reproduced here in detail along with the retouched versions. In all, there are authentic photographs, many of them reproduced in exact size and condition from the original plates. The succession of photographs which give a visual idea of her appearance at every stage of life creates a remarkable pictorial biography of a Saint of our own times. The commentary illuminates the significance of the quality and authentic reproductions of these historical presentations of St. Therese come alive again in her own milleu. Here is a beautiful book about a simple personality who became the Saint of the ordinary, thus showing how all can aspire to the spiritual condition which is the mission of life.

Publisher: Kenedy