AVE OGDEN!: Nash in Latin by Ogden Nash

AVE OGDEN!: Nash in Latin

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Winnie Ille Pu was a runaway success, among the dwindling but noble band continuing Latin studies. Here is 'another sine qua non-sense success. The late, and very much lamented Nash, whose entertainments cut deeper with the years, moves unscathed -- in fact accomplishes an extra scathing -- in the ancient laguage of the martial arts, thanks to the deadpan skill of translators Gleeson and Meyer. Whosoever quotes ""Candy/ Is dandy"" will not be able to resist ""Sacch'rum/ Est gratum/ sed liquor/ Celerior."" In case you think it's all as easy as rolling off a loggia, consider the majestic overtones of ""Habebo rostrum anatis!"" (Well, I'll be a duck-billed platypus). Atta pueri! Worth parting with the pecuniae at Christmastime.

Pub Date: Nov. 16th, 1973
Publisher: Little, Brown