MINERVA REEF by Olaf Ruhen


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This is the true story of the wreck of a Tongan cutter on Minerva Reef. The story of the survival is in the tradition of Robinson Crusoe. Captain David Fifita's rare qualities of leadership and courage kept the loyalty of the crew of six and the surviving passengers. For two and a half months, his task was to supervise the scantiest supplies of food and water and to keep everybody too busy to lose hope. With the complete loss of their own craft, they yet managed to nurse the sick and build a tiny sailing vessel in which the Captain and two others made for Fiji after all hope of rescue faded. Technically, the details may well discourage the unnautical; but the intensity of interest that is built up by the description of the men and the way they faced their dilemma will carry most readers through.

Pub Date: Jan. 23rd, 1964
Publisher: Little, Brown