FAR FUTURE CALLING by Olaf Stapledon


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Uncollected sf stories and fantasies by a much-praised writer whose greatness is only hinted at in these last-to-be-published scraps. Best of the seven pieces herein is the never-before-published prose poem ""The Man Who Became a Tree,"" in which the reader experiences the full life-cycle of a beech tree through the seasons as the tree becomes aware of the worldwide divinity of vegetation--a superb spirit-expander. Also included is a half-hour radio play by Stapledon condensing Last and First Men for the BBC, a show apparently never produced. Plus: an ""authorized biography"" by Moskowitz, a solid account of Stapledon's retiring, hum-drum life. For Stapledon veterans only; it would be an unfair, unrepresentative introduction to his work.

Pub Date: March 15th, 1980
Publisher: Ed. by Sam Moskowitz Oswald Train (P.O. Box 1891, Philadelphia, Pa. 19105)