29 FOREVER by Oleda with Bill Gale Baker


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An aging (but apparently still gorgeous) model revs up to divulge her beauty secrets, promote her new cosmetic line, and assure us that we can all look 29 forever, if we follow her tips: say the word CHURCH twelve times a day to lift sagging cheek and mouth muscles; touch your elbows behind your back several times a day to exercise muscles under the bosom, and wear long hair to offset a too-long neck. Lest we think that any of these books is complete without a full description of the celebrated pubococcygeal muscle (see ""J"", Total Loving, below), she adds one--with the usual exercises recommended to strengthen it. But her big thing is the ""beauty-orgasm""--how to have one, how to prolong one, and how good they are for muscle tone. Maybe it's better to crawl quietly over the hill to 30.

Pub Date: June 9th, 1977
Publisher: Putnam