UARDIANS OF LIBERTY: am Adams & John Hancock by Olga all-Quest

UARDIANS OF LIBERTY: am Adams & John Hancock

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am Adams' talent was a revolutionary one- for overturning governments rather than rebuilding one; it took a John Hancock to provide the essentials for the other side of the coin. This book fills many of the gaps left in our routine teaching of American history, for in its pages one lives almost day by day, the events eading to our War of Independence and its stormy beginnings. From the Navigation Acts on to the Boston Tea Party, through the successive steps- many of them sparked Sam Adams-the Liberty Trees, the publishing of the Gazette, the growing strength of the Sons of Liberty- one feels a sense of impending crisis- this in itself an achievement in telling a many times told tale. Sam Adams comes out more sharply than does John Hancock and many of the incidents in which one or the other or both were involved give an immense sense of vitality to the recounting of the historical facts. The actual progress of the war itself is perhaps- and inevitably- skimmed over, but the record carries through the Continental Congress, the Declaration of Independence, the acceptance of the Constitution, and the birth of the new nation. Good supplementary reading.

Pub Date: Sept. 30th, 1963
Publisher: Dutton