THE LAYMAN'S MUSIC BOOK by Olga Samoroff Stokowski


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I am afraid I can't agree with Mme. Stokowski, that this book can be used by one untutored in music, and lead him to a better understanding. It seems to me a discipline that demands a greater sincerity of intent than it is almost conceivable the adult, utterly untrained, would undertake. On the other hand, I think it could be sold as a training school in musical appreciation for those who know the rudiments, and have access to mechanical devices, other than the radio, for constant reference. What she has attempted to do is to take ""the layman"" step by step to better understanding of music heard. The historical approach --the functional approach -- the technical approach, after the groundwork is laid -- such is the plan of the book. In the hands of a professional, laymen could master it. Alone, I think it very doubtful. Suggest as prize or gift to music teachers among your customers. There is a frequent need for something of the sort.

Publisher: Norton