SHRINE OF LIBERTY by Olga W. Hall-Quest


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Companion volume to How the Pilgrims Came to Plymouth but not as happy a choice of subject matter, for on any count the Alamo story is a grim and bloody one, with implications beyond the grasp of third to fifth graders. The story of Texas' role in the history of the USA is a confusing one. The siege of the Alamo, where 180 Americans were sacrificed to the disunity of the central government of revolting Texas is a story of self sacrifice, idealism and heroism which is outstanding in the not always heroic building of our south-west. The author has taken great pains to distinguish between the Mexican people and the dictatorship then in power in telling her story. Of regional interest, of course, and supplementary reading for American history.

Pub Date: Aug. 20th, 1948
Publisher: Dutton