THE SHINING BROW by Olgivanna Lloyd Wright


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Together with the reminiscences of Frank Lloyd Wright by his widow, there are also letters and talks that he gave and a section of Mrs. Wright's opinions, thoughts on a variety of subjects. The memories are focused on events and happenings of his last year, particularly those of Taliesin North and West, and once more emphasize his electrifying personality and his wide range of ideas. There is a section devoted to the Memorial Dinner and its speeches: to personal projects at their farm and in their garden; to the story of the Guggenheim Museum, the Beth Sholom Synagogue; there is another on incidents involving friends, relations and associates in and away from the Taliesins. This patchwork is in part biographical, in part professional and artistic, in part domestic and international, and as such presents a kaleidoscopic viewing of the man, the genius, and his influence. For collectors of Wrightiana especially; this is too concentrated on its particular subject to arouse a wide appeal, too lush in its prose for most tastes.

Publisher: Horizon