BORN TO TEACH: A Career Romance for Young Moderns by Olive Burt

BORN TO TEACH: A Career Romance for Young Moderns

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Keep Kleenex at hand, this has everything from a dated (1913) career vs. marriage conflict to the classic city slicker vs. dedicated but poor suitor decision, all delivered damp with sentiment. Tamar Lewis, ""born to teach"", faces difficult physical conditions but docile eager kids her first year, attends school and begins to fall in love over the summer but has to squelch her fall college plans after a half -page family crisis; she ends up with the idealistic young man in a sordid town near an arsenic mine (!) boarding with a slovenly, meanminded family. When she finally decides to marry him (""Oh, Mark, darling, what is teaching? What is college compared to being your wife, sharing your life? Without you, sweet-heart, my life would be empty and meaningless..."") the state comes through with a single or married clause in her contract and she can have all. You have nothing.

Pub Date: Sept. 19th, 1967
Publisher: Messner