I AM AN AMERICAN by Olive W. Burt


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The jacket accompanying the galley has an explanatory note from the author. She says that her idea for the book came from a children's librarian who felt that a need existed for juvenile material showing this country as unique and something to brag about. From this standing start, Mrs. Burt got carried away. In order to make her text intimate and immediate, she writes in the first person as a child, e.g. ""I and my schoolmates must go on. But we must go further and with nothing but peace in our hearts."" In this righteous and fervent voice she treats the American Creed, the pledge to the flag, the patriotic songs, the National Anthem, the Presidents and the government. Her note concludes ""I felt emotional about this, and was not ashamed to be emotional in my treatment of it."" No shame is necessary, but the writing is embarrassing. An admixture of factual information and high emotion, it has the tone of the junior revivalist.

Publisher: John Day