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DOCTRINES OF THE CREED by Oliver C. Quick Kirkus Star



Publisher: Scribner

If you were asked to take a course in systematic theology you'd probably say ""I'd love to but -- "" or ""Thank you"" or, if you were very honest, ""What's that?"" Canon Quick, by one flashing question answers you. Dogmatic Theology concerns itself by asking ""To what beliefs are members of this church committed?"" Systematic Theology -- ""How can we best understand and interpret as a coherent whole the doctrinal tradition of our church in relation to that particular world in which we are now called upon to uphold the Christian faith?"" Here we study the main doctrines of the creed, Faith in God, the Incarnation, Salvation, The Holy Spirit and The Church. Good solid food but so expertly prepared, seasoned and garnished that the clergy and students will gobble it up and laymen of the Episcopal persuasion will digest it with relish. Add this to your list of staple stock. It will be a long while before anything approaching it in importance is written and if you do it justice you'll have a hard time keeping it in stock. Talk this title!