TO FIND THE WAY OF LOVE by Oliver E. Deehan


The Purpose of Our Existence
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An awkward, somewhat New Age-y title doesn’t begin to adequately serve this thorough analysis of human civilization and its primordial flaws.

Blame it on that pesky old reptilian brain and the ensuing hierarchies hatched in its wake. Be they familial, societal, governmental, religious or whatever else, Deehan convincingly traces the root of all evil to the myriad of stratified, top-down, command-and-control hierarchies that stubbornly persist to this day. The problem, according to the author, is that these manmade systems—so pervasive in our everyday lives—actually run counter to the intrinsic human need and desire for relationships rooted in freedom and equality. He calls this natural compulsion “love.” Simply put, “love” works, inequity doesn’t. As evidence, Deehan, a former hospital administrator and Navy fighter pilot, reaches all the way back to the very beginning and the Big Bang, where he finds proof of the inherent righteousness of collaboration in a rapidly cooling bowl of intergalactic “quark soup.” After all, it was here that equal elemental particles were free to join up with whichever other particles they chose to in an unfathomable quest to create something greater than themselves. Concurring thoughts from pioneering thinkers such as Jared Diamond, Carl Sagan and others further underscore the thesis. Alas, the road mankind (under the undue influence of the self-serving brain) ultimately took was starkly different and probably had its roots in ancient Akkad, where readers are introduced to old king Sargon and his bloody, but ultimately fruitless, 150-year dynasty. The economy and ease in which the author is able to relate such scientific and historical data is commendable. The writing is clear and focused throughout. In this short yet profound work, hierarchy is the disease, and “love”—in the form of freedom and equality—is the cure. Sadly, one need only look at the profound challenges facing today’s ego-driven, self-interested world to realize that.

An impressive foray into the inner workings of modern civilization—and how it might yet be saved from itself.

Pub Date: July 26th, 2011
ISBN: 978-1425998516
Page count: 206pp
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Program: Kirkus Indie
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