THE EAGLE IN THE EGG by Oliver La Farge


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Have any other branches of the armed services had so gifted a recorder as the Air Transport Command has in Oliver La Farge? Frankly, I expected to be somewhat bored with this meticulous record of the spectacular growth of this mighty system of airways from a tiny nucleus. La Farge has made the story fascinating, even when it gets technical and statistical; he traces the many ramifications, from the early days of the Ferry Command to the miracle of the Berlin Airlift today. The supplies flown over the Himalayas, the personnel transported from continent to continent, the spanning of oceans and deserts, the eliminating of space and time, make this one of the great achievements in war and in peace. Problems of organization, of personalities, of interrelation of services complicated the early days, but big men overrode the difficulties and made the A.T.C. one of the major factors in victory. La Farge has told its story supremely well. The market will be air-minded readers as well as those personally interested in the A.T.C.

Pub Date: July 21st, 1949
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin