EDIBLE WILD PLANTS by Oliver Perry Medsger


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Innumerable times I've stopped before a bush or vine of luscious looking fruit or berries and longed to eat my fill. However, there has always lurked the horrid suspicion that it might prove poisonous and remembering Adam and Eve's downfall I've moved on with my mouth still watering. Anyone who lives in the country or walks there knows this experience and Mr. Medsger was certainly inspired when he decided to write this book. Although the list is unbelievably long Mr. Medsger says it does not pretend to be complete; in fact, he is sure that there are hundreds of other wild plants, nuts, fruits and roots that are eaten with relish by natives, trappers and explorers. Besides identifying the edible plants he tells how to use them, to prepare them and, if necessary, cook them. He also is quite honest about their taste--whether it is pleasing and palatable or a food to be partaken of only as a dire necessity. To the nature lover, the gardener or gourmet who loves the unusual this book will supply a pocketful of tricks and to the hiker or cyclist many a refreshing meal. An excellent book for summer campers.

Publisher: Macmillan