MR. PETUNIA by Oliver St. John Gogarty


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Hibernian humor (which is broad to bawdy), vivacity and originality for the portrait of a paranoid, Mr. Petunia, the seemingly quiet, shy, precise little watchmaker who lived on his secret victimization of others. Enjoying his carefully cultivated grievances, his furtive manoeuvers, his lecherous fancies, Mr. Petunia meets his first opposition in Ann, a spirited wench who comes to visit him and leaves the next day, marrying the richest local squire in the first colony, Virginia. Mr. Petunia secures the opportunity of revenge when Ann, delivering a long desired heir, leaves the legitimacy of that baby open to question. Mr. Petunia proceeds from blackmail to arson to murder- only to meet a well-deserved end. Cheerful story of evil -- set in the early 19th century. But for a very special- Gogarty fan market.

Publisher: Creative Age