I FOLLOW SAINT PATRICK by Oliver St. John Gogarty


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The author of As I Went Down Sackville Street has turned his all-seeing eye and unique scholarship to following the steps of Saint Patrick. This involves more than appears, for Saint Patrick must be traced not only geographically, by almost non-existent clues, but through his century and people, and through the legends that have grown up about him. It is a fascinating and annoying book. Fascinating because there are superb descriptive passages, subtle passages of mordant wit, a blend of sincerity and scepticism; annoying because so often he escapes into the intangible, and, by and large, fails to leave a very clear picture of Saint Patrick, his relation to his people, his century or his work. Perhaps he demands too much background knowledge, in which case, the sale will be limited somewhat to the scholars, the Catholics (there is an astoundingly reverent spirit in his handling of religious matters), and those who read it for the urbane and original style and matter.

Pub Date: Aug. 12th, 1938
Publisher: Reynal & Hitchcock