MAD GRANDEUR by Oliver St. John Gogarty


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The end of an ara -- in Ireland -- as the events of the American and French Revolutions proved to the Irish peasantry that rebellion can bring victory. Against a panorama of widespread evils, of farming lands converted into forests, of death sentence for minor crimes, of too lavish gestures of the upper classes caricatured against the poverty of the lower, of fights and hangings and duels -- is told the story of the return of an absentee landlord to his estates with his bride and a French Emigre. There are danger signals of trouble fomenting undercover, but the aristocracy go their way, until the problem reaches a climax. An illuminating sidelight on bypaths of revolutionary eras, the repercussions of which have gone down through the years. Gogarty has a following all his own; this is more definitely fiction than previous work.

Pub Date: Nov. 19th, 1941
Publisher: Lippincott