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GUS by Olivier Dunrea


From the Gossie & Friends series

by Olivier Dunrea ; illustrated by Olivier Dunrea

Pub Date: March 3rd, 2015
ISBN: 978-0-547-86761-8
Publisher: HMH Books

Gus is a welcome addition to the Gossie & Friends series.

Sporting a cooking pot on his head with its handle turned to the front like a visor, little “Gus is a small yellow gosling who likes to be by himself.” He quietly observes the world around him in pen-and-ink–and-gouache illustrations that embrace open white space to achieve focus on the very things that Gus spies—a spider, mice and a turtle. After watching the turtle dig in the sand and then return to the water, Gus goes to investigate the place where the turtle was digging. There, he finds three small eggs, and he decides to sit on them to keep them warm. His patient brooding leads to their hatching, and he is delighted to see the baby turtles emerge. They, in turn, seem to imprint on him: The closing image of Gus with the babies riding on his back and head as he swims across the water amends the statement that Gus is a gosling “who likes to be by himself” to say that this is true “[m]ost of the time.” As surely as there’s room in the series for Gus, there’s room in his contemplative little life for companionship after all.

Good to meet you, Gus.

(Picture book. 3-6)