TEILHARD DE CHARDIN: A Critical Study by Olivier Rabut


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The controversial Teilhard De Chardin, author of Phenomenon of Man and Divine Milieu, has become a publishing phenomenon in his own right. His books have been best sellers. Scholars debate his theses, and several books have been written about him and what he theorized. The interest in Chardin stems, of course, from the fact that this eminent Jesuit's views had been held in disfavor by his superiors and that he was a Catholic priest championing evolution. Teilhard De Chardin. A Critical Study, is the every newest critique of Chardin's ideas written by a Dominican scholar from a scientific point of view. The reader will sense a self-consciousness about the analysis suggesting that the author is aware of his peers looking over his shoulder. When he concedes a point, for example, he quickly points out what he considers to be an error. This study, however, will do much to prevent a false interpretation of Teilhard which ever-hasty readers might fall victims too -- that of transposing the mysteries of salvation on to a cosmic plane. The problems posed by this distinguished controversialist of the decade deserve a close study. Here, Father Rabut pinpoints them in their proper perspective for all to see and dissect.

Pub Date: Sept. 27th, 1961
Publisher: Sheed & Ward