HEPZIBAH AMONG OTHERS: An Omnibus by Olwen Owen
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I liked these nonsense animal tales, and I usually don't like stories where the animals talk and act like human beings. But somehow these barnyard adventures have a very special flavor all their own. From the adult point of view, they bear close resemblance to human antics; from the child point of view, they are amusing, original and with lots happening all the time. The omnibus contains Hepzibah; Young Yap, Beetles, and Things, only one of which had been previously published in this country. Barnyard stories with Hepzibah the hen, Gertie Grunter the pig, Kathleen Cow, and the practical joker, Gus Goat, as the main characters; Young Yap is a fox cub with a big bump of curiosity and mischief; the third section includes garden adventures. The introduction by May Lamberton Becker gives the essential quality of the stories.

Pub Date: April 7th, 1939
Publisher: Putnam