SILENT REACH by Omar White


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British George Galbraith, an ex-Intelligence operator in his mid-30s, is a master of situation analysis, a restrained womanizer, sharply ironic and likable. Inexplicably, he has just been fired from the Service, with the strong suggestion that he accept a job offer from multimillionaire Hamilton Wrightson--who owns a 23-million-acre industrial ranch in Northwest Australia and whose mines, herds, oil rigs, and fisheries are being systematically sabotaged by an unknown agency. Galbraith accepts a position as ""consultant"" for $50,000, and he's intrigued by Wrightson's top assistant, ravishing blonde Tamara Diagulski, a brainy cookie with whom he spends weeks analyzing the two years of accelerating sabotage incidents. Finally Galbraith decides that a Black Power native movement is being manipulated by crazy Max Burnie and his sons--who own abutting property in the vastly distant ranchlands called Silent Reach. Why has Wrightson failed to tell Galbraith about Burnie's mining leases? As it turns out, Wrightson's property is the bed of an industrial diamond empire, and when Tamara is kidnapped, Galbraith goes into Silent Reach after her. Full of sandstorms, stark desert descriptions, and a strong sense of life in the bush country--a good, straightforward action-thriller.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1980
Publisher: Scribners