THE CALL: An Autobiography by Oral Roberts

THE CALL: An Autobiography

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All that's happened to healing evangelist Oral Roberts and that's a lot is God's will, he says; even the decision to go on salary was taken only ""after much prayer."" ""Dr."" Roberts, who since the '40's has laid hands on a million sufferers or maybe more, had his first direct communication with the Almighty as a teenager after a miraculous recovery from tuberculosis in both lungs and a stuttering problem: ""All at once I awakened and I became aware of Jesus."" Thereafter he became a minister and eventually took his Seed Faith gospel (God is your Source, etc.) on the road in a big tent, healing first an old woman with a withered hand, then many more, including celebrated Mrs. Anna Williams who was afflicted with polio, phlebitis, and spondylitis, an accomplishment which won Oral Roberts national attention. Later he started Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, the institution God urged him to build to carry on the healing teachings. He writes that ""controversy has dogged my every step"" -- his Melbourne, Australia crusade was closed down by hoodlums egged on by a ridiculing press; an ""atheist attorney"" tried to stop his show in Florida; in Tulsa, his homebase, he was nearly assassinated; the tent collapsed in Amarillo, Texas, which might have had something to do with his giving up the big top for television in later years, though true to form Rev. Roberts devoutly maintains it was because ""the Lord has never let me be content with the status quo."" An inner voice tells us no.

Pub Date: Jan. 7th, 1971
Publisher: Doubleday