IRONS IN THE FIRE: Cattle Brand Lore by Oren Arnold

IRONS IN THE FIRE: Cattle Brand Lore

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The author has branded this account with his intense but mystifyingly disproportionate enthusiasm for the subject. To try to develop the same response in the reader, he has resorted to the device of pretending that ""you"" are right there on the range, held in thrall by a cattle branding session-- a reaction that seems somewhat out of character, especially when ""you"" start prefacing ""your"" remarks with ""gol-lee!"" The chapters on how to read brands, and descriptions of some famous ones, will probably be be of the widest interest; more dedicated lovers of the West may want to read the detailed explanations of the techniques and tools, but tidbits of information ranging from false teeth to tranquilizers for cattle just confuse the issue. There are a mass of branding anecdotes and suggestions for decorator ideas using brands which may be useful for scouting or school projects, although the anecdotal references to enthusiasts who have branded themselves may give some readers pause.

Pub Date: Sept. 10th, 1965
Publisher: Abelard-Schuman