THE MAGIC OF MERGERS by Oscar Schisgall


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At 22 he was an immigrant from Palestine; at 26, with a fifty dollar a week job and only five hundred dollars to his name he was drawing circles on paper to illustrate a merger theory that sixteen years later would put him in control of a business empire with 1.3 billion dollars in annual sales. Horatio Alger, yield to Meshulam Riklis. The circles were crude symbols of a simple rationale; you form a syndicate of investors to buy a company whose assets are greater than the cost of its stock. You then buy another with the assets and credit of the first-ad infinitum. Does it work? Mr. Riklis and associates now control the McCrory Corporation, Glen Alden Corporation and Rapid American Corporation, among others, and at forty-odd he seems barely started. To frost the cake--he has operated on the principle that ""no deal is a good deal unless it benefits both parties."" What a guy and quite a book for interested home investors.

Pub Date: May 16th, 1968
Publisher: Little, Brown