THE DISAPPEARING DAILY by Oswald Garrison Villard


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A survey of the American press, covering not only general trends today, but the great papers and newspaper personalities of current and historical interest. He emphasizes the in influence of dailies on public opinion, due to consolidation, suppression, monopoly and the evolution of these journals into industrial enterprises from active editorial leadership and political independence. There are chapters on the ga the press, on presidential relations with the press. Then discussion of such factors as Associated Press, columnists, personality profiles of Munsey. Fuliser, Watterson, the Bennetts, William Lloyd Garrison, of great newspapers such as the New York Times and Adolph S. Ochs, of the Herald-Tribune, of the Daily , of chains and papers the country over...Detailed scrutiny, by a liberal editor, publisher, writer, whose opinions on the need for leadership in the press, and the ideals of moral and political honesty have value for anyone interested in the study of journalism.

Publisher: Knopf