THE HOUR OF DECISION by Oswald Spangler


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Here's fireworks for you, a plea for the restoration of Prussianism, for Germany to save the world from democracy, for militarism, discipline, dedication to the state, if the white race is to survive. The present economic plight, the growth of democracy through socialism and communism, is not the result of the war, but rather the result of throwing power to the lower classes, the workmen, the proletariat. The growth of democracy is suicidal. Further -- the colored races are ""on to us"" now, they are scornful of the white, they have mastered their methods, they can undercut then economically, they are stronger numerically, and with Russia gone Aslatic, they have the world within their grasp. A challenge -- a practical application of the thesis of DECLINE OF THE WEST -- but almost too extreme to merit serious consideration.

Pub Date: Feb. 12th, 1934
Publisher: Knopf