MOON OF THE TIGER by Oswald Wynd


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Tom McColl, a writer with a future but no funds, takes a post- representing British culture- in Singapore where he again meets Marcella- the girl he'd loved- on the day of the presumed death of her prominent husband, an anthropologist, Geoffrey Gladser- ambushed by the Reds. Marcella, expediently, dependently appealing, persuades Tom to help her- and her sister-in-law Jane on the search for Gladser and they are joined by a Forestry Officer- Madden another of Marcella's victims. So that along with the menacing dangers of the jungle- python and Red patrols and the native whammy of the moon of the tiger, there are the tensions which exist between Marcella and Jane, McColl and Madden. It is Madden who goes on alone- after the natives default- to find Gladser who is alive, with a gangrenous leg, and he is taken back to a hospital where his suspicions first, and then his death under suspicious circumstances, shadows the renewed romance between Marcella and Tom.... Suggestively sustained and attractively styled, this is an adventure-romance of some superiority, and a facile form of entertainment.

Publisher: Doubleday