THE EGOISTS: Sixteen Surprising Interviews by Otiana Fallaci

THE EGOISTS: Sixteen Surprising Interviews

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The supreme egoist of the collection is Miss Fallaci herself who usually manages to utter the last (caustic) word: ""Mr. Hitchcock. . . you are the most wicked, cruel man I have ever met."" And, in the analytical prologue to each interview, she is dismissive: ""The duchess doesn't like me; I don't like the Durchess."" However, her candor, intelligence, and often deliberate asperity, provoke each of these celebrities to equal candor or unwitting self-revelation. The subjects include Norman Mailer and EI Cordobes, Hugh Heffner and General Ky, Rap Brown and the Duchess of Alba. Miss Fallaci, an Italian journalist now based in New York, won her American reputation with an excellent book on the astronauts (If The Sun Dies, 1966). Here too she penetrates exteriors. Several varieties of vanity are unearthed, as is a somewhat healthy self-respect. Miss Fallaci likes sweet, old-fashioned women (amazingly Jeanne Moreau) and primitive men (EI Cordobes and Sean Connery). She is apt to provoke the others: Fellini is quite justified in calling her repeatedly: ""Dirty liar. Rude little bitch."" Rather special interviews reprinted from L'Europeo, Limelighters and Gli Antiputici and they are designed to reveal as well as startle. That they do, rather successfully.

Pub Date: Oct. 20th, 1968
Publisher: Regnery