THROUGH JAPANESE EYES by Otto D. -- ed. Tolischus
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This is the sort of book that few people will read and most people should. Because here, for the first time, has been brought together the damnably convincing evidence out of Japanese sources, of their long range plans for world domination -- their scorn of all other peoples -- the ideology which dominates their national life. Statements drawn from writings and speeches of not only militarists, but statesmen, and intellectuals. Each section has an introductory note by the editor, himself a journalist who saw the writing on the wall long ago. Japan's war aims --""glorious 100 years"", more sweeping, more fanatical than even the Nazis, successive utterance reflecting the ""glory of the emperor"". Japan, the master race, indoctrinated with Shinto, primitive religion, with no moral nor ethical code; stressing the divinity of the Japanese. One completely new document -- to me -- was the oath taken by the Nipponese abroad. Japan's God Emperor, stronger today than ever, aiming towards being emperor of the world, his rule one of unmitigated evil, culminating in world war, the man himself a willing puppet, agreeing with the aims, never attempting to halt the means. Successive sections chart the plan for world conquest, preparations for war, appeal to color, to anti-semitism, while Japan's diplomats ingratiated themselves at world courts. They used us and Britain -- they accepted union with Germany, they held Russia neutral. Only the final section taps sources other than Japan's own leaders and advocates....Important!

Pub Date: April 16th, 1945
Publisher: Reynal & Hitchcock