THEY WANTED WAR by Otto D. Tolischus
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An important book and one sure of a good press. It does for conditions in Germany today what Gedye's book did for Central Europe at the time of its publication. On both Times' reporters the accolade of German disapproval has been placed by ejection. articles, but much more. He resurveys the seven years of close observation of Germany's building a war machine. Coldly, dispassionately, he analyzes Hitler the politician, the man; he studies the psychology of his followers; he recognizes their new religion of revolution, their spirit of sacrifice, their planning, their execution, their endless patience. He sees into the black soul of Germany. He sees in the German stomach the one hope of defeat. The book takes its title, ironically enough, from Hitler's contemptuous charge to the Democracies: ""They wanted war; they shall have it."" Book rushed to press, but it is too important a book for immediate sale to be regarded lightly. Strong backing.

Pub Date: Aug. 9th, 1940
Publisher: Reynal & Hitchcock