BEDROCK by Otto Schrag


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When a she devil and a wholesome girl tug for one man, it seems quite plausible that he should try drink and then escape. Sebastian, a successful surgeon, has been pushed to the top by his ambitious common law wife, Violet, but her warped brain is really working for his destruction, and Sebastian cannot break her spell over him. Mary loves him and wants the home and children he does, and in the months that Sebastian drifts westward to Yuma and the desert, having bolted from an finished operation and many debts, he meets Betty whose plainness and kindness help him in trying to solve his problems. Violet loses her sanity, Mary remains true, and it is in the desert that Sebastian faces the necessary self - evaluation at last. Plenty of suspense in the possibility of individual crack-ups, but the deeper meanings at which the book aims are lost in the recurring sensational episodes that smack of certain types of magazine serials. Women and rentals primarily.

Pub Date: Feb. 20th, 1947
Publisher: Holt