ANIMAL MIGRATIONS by Otto von Frisch


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Dealing generously with conceptual factors--disorientation, communication, kinesthetic navigation--and quite thoroughly with the more common mechanistic ones, research-zoologist Otto von Frisch handles the broad scope of his survey with ease. The ways and whys of animal movement are efficiently delineated in chapters on land, water, and air migrations, and the means by which scientists observe and trace these movements are duly incorporated. Two-column pages with text-bookish topic-headings will prove more advantageous than distracting for fact-gatherers; so too will the plenteous color photographs that are reasonably well-integrated with the material. What Jacquelyn Berrill's overview (Wonders of Animal Migration, 1964) conveys to younger children is something like what this offers to older ones in greater depth--a cross-species purview of biological patterns that admits of comparison and contrast in the compass of a single book.

Pub Date: Nov. 10th, 1969
Publisher: McGraw-Hill