WHITE DANGER by Owen Arnold


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A new addition to the Books of Outdoor Adventure, this tackles a most unusual subject the work of snowmen in the mountains of the West. Having been roped into the job, Joe Bob Bancroft's initial reaction to measuring snow on the slopes of the Rockies is strictly negative. Gradually, however, the challenge taken hold. With his companions, who were always willing to help Joe Bob profit from mistakes, the young mountaineer learns the art of self transportation by , ski and snowshoes. He also gains a new respect for the dangers around him -- accidents, wild animals, severe cold and snowstorms -- as well as a deep admiration for the incredible wintry beauty of the Rockies. Best of all, Joe Bob comes to understand the importance of the work itself and thus the value of his own effort. First rate adventure for the rugged in spirit.

Pub Date: Sept. 15th, 1962
Publisher: Holiday House