THE MAKING OF MODERN CHINA by Owen & Eleanor Lattimore


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A compact and orderly account of the facts (""for thinking"") of China's story that, without being superficial, nevertheless presents a clearcut view of that country's long history. From land and people, the survey proceeds to the story of its civilization, to the revolutions that produced modern China, and its national and international problems, and the problems facing the country now and after the war. The brisk coverage of characteristics, resemblances to American ways and people, foreign influences and disturbances, the emergence of the Japanese threat, the phases of the fighting, etc., provide a master key for an understanding of all angles of China's development, her importance in the world today -- and tomorrow. A balanced, authoritative contribution, this records rather than interprets events leading to the question of the necessity for creating a new system there from the functional democracy now in operation, for avoiding civil war, ending the colonial system. Excellent for reference and study.

Publisher: Norton