MATCHMAKING by Oxford Scientific Films


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Using full-color photographs and brief captions, a discussion of ways in which animals attract mates, including displaying colorful plumage, wooing with sounds and scents, and battling with horns and pinchers. Since in most cases only one photograph of each animal is used, it is sometimes difficult to see what the editors are trying to point out--e.g., the caption for the photograph of the Golden Pheasant reads: ""When displaying to females, this male will fan his bright collar forward,"" but the male bird shown is not displaying. In discussing animals that carry weapons, the caption under the photograph of a deer merely says ""Deer use antlers,"" not how or against whom. Despite the colorful photographs, then, nature enthusiasts will find little factual information here about animal courtship and mating behavior.

Pub Date: Sept. 5th, 1987
Publisher: Putnam