YOUR GARDEN SOIL by P. Milton Carleton


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This is a controversial book which will run head-on into all sorts of disagreements with the fanatical organic school, with which he has small sympathy. He exposes some of what be are false theories as to definitions of soil, as to use of soil conditioners, on the value of such things as bone meal, on claims made by some commercial advertisers. He discusses in molecularly detailed terms matters of soil texture, ingredients, types (fee's that elaborate soil test kits and sending away of samples are equally unnecessary for the home gardener). He suggests home processes to determine basic data. And to stands firmly behind his conviction that a sane combination of organic and inorganic gardening the best results. Composting -- the care and of bacteria- and cons of controls (and the dangers) are all reasonably treated. A valuable book, with of sound advice, well supported by reasonable arguments.

Pub Date: June 7th, 1961
Publisher: Van Nostrand