THE STONE DAGGERS by Palle Lauring


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The author of this prehistorical novel set in Bronze Age Denmark is a Danish archaeologist well qualified to speculate about the life of this hazy period in history. The story revolves around the activities of a pair of rebellious 13 year old twins, and excitement is provided by the appearance of a merchant ship from the North which turns out to be used for capturing children to be sold as slaves. Although the two have little more personality than the Bobbsey twins, their dialogue is kept within reasonable bounds and their adventures are indicative of the character of the community. The boy's desire to become a hunter rather than a farmer like his father, which leads to clandestine meetings with members of the despised hunting group, demonstrates the composition of the community, while the structure of the society is illustrated by the communal meeting held on the arrival of the ship. There are detailed descriptions of the domestic, hunting, farming, trading, warring, ruling, and religious practices. Stronger in its background material than its invention.

Publisher: Macmillan