MORE THAN DREAMS by Pamela Bullard


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Former Boston TV anchorwoman Bullard serves up a long witless tale of talking heads. She's sexy. She's tough. She's neurotic. And she's not in a very good mood. That just about sums up Kate Marchand, general manager of station WLYM in Boston, and one of the most powerful women in television. Employees cower before her: ""He felt his vocal cords were being slashed by Kate's eyes."" Even passers-by on the street bow and tug their forelocks: ""Evening, Mrs. Marchand."" As the action begins, Kate has learned that the station's award-winning news team is slipping in the ratings, so she imports a new gift from New York, lovely young widow Kim Winston. Kim is an immediate hit and begins doing all kinds of insightful documentaries on juvenile homes and the cocaine trade; in the meantime, Kate cleans up a little in-house drug problem single-handedly and bravely addresses the problem in a live editorial before the evening news. Problems arise, though, when Kim makes the mistake of sleeping with Kate's hunky neurosurgeon husband, Jonathan (she's drunk and he looks like her dead, dearly beloved David). Kate finds out and, for the first time in hundreds of pages, the suspense actually rises: Will she go after Kim with a chainsaw or a pit bull? It doesn't happen, unfortunately--Bullard pulls everything out of the fire by having Kim kidnapped by crazed cocaine dealers. After Kate saves her, the two kiss and make up. Absurd caricature.

Pub Date: Nov. 16th, 1987
Publisher: Random House