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LITTLE BROWN HEN’S SHOWER by Pamela Duncan Edwards


by Pamela Duncan Edwards & illustrated by Darcia LaBrosse

Age Range: 3 - 6

Pub Date: April 1st, 2001
ISBN: 0-7868-0467-X
Publisher: Hyperion

Invited to attend a shower, Little Brown Hen mistakenly believes that means it is going to rain and takes her umbrella to keep her egg dry—causing a great deal of confusion and laughter on the farm. Teasing her about her umbrella, Duck, Goose, and Turkey ask if she is practicing to walk the tightrope in the circus. They go on to tell her that she is going to start a fashion trend and soon all the animals will be toting parasols. Turkey warns that if the wind picks up, it will whisk anyone holding an umbrella away. Arriving at the party, Brown Hen realizes her mistake and laughs along with the gentle teasing. The hatching of her chick in the middle of the party makes it the best shower ever. Whimsical watercolor paintings of the animals featured in the circus, holding umbrellas and being blown about by the wind, will keep young readers entertained. Brown Hen and her friends gently present a lesson on homonyms and the confusion they can cause. A silly story with a grammar lesson. (Picture Book. 3-6)