SING FOR YOUR SUPPER by Pamela Frankau


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If Pamela Frankau's new novel occasionally idles along, stops here and there to talk or view, it can be justified since this is the first of a trilogy and no particular end is yet in sight. The emphasis here is on the beginning which introduces Philip Weston and his family. Philip is a rather down-at-the-heels actor, widowed, and bringing up his three children with the considerable help of Blanche Briggs, their Nanny; Gerald is a very self-sufficient sixteen, Sarah a romantic 13, and Thomas is ten and in spite of his stubby stolidity, the most interesting--he has supernatural powers and ungovernable tempers. Things change for all of them during this summer of 1926 in a seedy resort town where Philip is putting on his music hall variety entertainment; the memory of bills and bailiffs is supplanted by the actuality of Paula, a very wealthy American, who has a definite elegance, a daughter, and a desire to improve Philip by importing him to America where presumably you may meet the Westons again. And it is Thomas whose uncertain conduct gives this story an unexpected, sentimental lift at the close.... A feminine readership can be assumed if not assured for it is the kind of book which is just as comfortable and reliable as Nanny Briggs.

Publisher: Random House