HUNGRY GULLIVER by Pamela Hansford-Johnson


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Three books on Thomas Wolfe-within as many months seem to make this the year for Wolfe (as last year seemed for Kaf, and revival of interest should increase the already steady market.... Full coverage, here, striking a happy balance between the undisciplined enthusiasm so often inspired by this modern ""gulliver"" and keen critical appraisal. Not only are Wolfe's talents, faults and mountains of text here dissected, appraised, praised and condemned, but the four novels are succinctly outlined, giving the reader first introduced to Wolfe, a good comprehension of the actual plot and sequence of events, and insight into the story of the man himself, with frequent pauses to quote a passage illustrating his poetic feeling for and handling of words, his philosophy, his mammoth egotism and hypersensitivity, his prejudices, his growth and development as artist and craftsman.

Pub Date: Jan. 19th, 1947
Publisher: Scribner