NIGHT AND SILENCE WHO IS HERE? by Pamela Hansford Johnson


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Socially isolated, their dining room often pre-empted, thus forcing them to do for themselves -- which they can't -- the Visiting Fellows at Cobb College, New Hampshire are a sorry lot. When their ranks are joined by Matthew Pryar, a scholarly fraud from abroad, they allow him to become their social protest spokesman while they drink together and have flashy little spats. Matthew's ambition to take over as head of the Fellow's Center is thwarted by his predilection for intrigue later exposed in small naughtinesses, but all ends happily, if not too comically, when he marries a pot full of money. His colleagues at Cobb run the gamut of academic inanity with the exception of one who, under the auspices of the Dickinson Fund, is building a strong case based on internal evidence from her works that Emily stayed out of sight because she was a secret toper. Miss Johnson has once again demonstrated her surgical talent -- which is to work in small, sterile areas with a very sharp scalpel.

Pub Date: July 22nd, 1963
Publisher: Scribners