DEL PAIMA by Pamela Kellino


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Probably most distinguished by the fact that Pamela Kellino is the wife of James Mason, this is a fairly strident story of obsession and possession, with a theatrical overlay of considerable extravagance, inconsiderable conviction. This tells of Silky Verity, a somewhat featherbrained young woman, as she loses her heart to the house of Del Palma, Cuban singer and idol, and despite expense and impracticality, she forces her husband to buy it. Once living there, she identifies herself with the dead wife of Del Palma, Madeleine, a painter; she tries to assume her appearance and eventually, in an affair to replace her with Del Palma. When he discovers her mad motives, he abandons her in disgust.....Not many ingredients missing. Trash.

Pub Date: Jan. 23rd, 1947
Publisher: Dutton