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Nobody's girl is Courtney Farrell, 15- her parents are divorced and Sondra, her mother- she was never meant to be one- hustles for acting jobs which are getting hard to find. She shares this status with her only friend at boarding school, Janet Parker (Janet's father drinks- her mother is in and out of sanitaria)- Janet who counters Courtney's quiet despair with a hell and gone defiance. Courtney goes to Hollywood for the summer where she has an affair with Barry, a fag, and a juvenile lead who has grown out of his parts. She comes back to New York with Sondra where Janet introduces her to her friends who frequent 21 or ""little caves"" in the Village, and to Anthony (once Janet's lover), a rather languorous dilettante. With him she finds the enchantment and escape of a forbidden, hidden world. But Janet proves a problem- her father is ""bombed"" once too often and she moves out and in on Courtney and shown no sign of leaving until Courtney's mother throws her out; Janet suicides and this serves at least some purpose- Courtney straightens herself out and settles for a somewhat steadier course..... That derelict world of kids on the skids, whose bitter precocity leaves little to grow up to this has been a susceptible subject and once again it has a disturbing air of authenticity.

Pub Date: Sept. 17th, 1956
Publisher: Rinehart