THE STONE ANGEL by Pamela Rogers


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We must make plans. A list,"" Susan announces to her devoted shadow Rab after the stone angel in the churchyard tells her to go out and be a saint. Actually the angel has said only ""go""--if it said anything at all--but bossy Susan, jealous of a pregnant married sister and pining for attention, interprets the imagined imperative as a chance to become famous doing good. Not surprisingly her kind deeds backfire, and so does her show of walking on water when trusting Rab follows her into the river, unaware that Susan is stepping on hidden rocks. But Susan does become a little kinder to Rab in the process. . . and in the end so pleased with her newborn niece that she decides being an aunt beats being a saint, An unlikely turnabout--and in any case Rogers' initial spark of humor has been growing dimmer and dimmer since the word ""go.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1976
Page count: 144pp
Publisher: Nelson